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Building Spaces for a Brighter Future

Building Spaces for a Brighter Future

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation Capital Campaign


The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is seeking funding for a campus improvement project:  A multi-purpose outdoor classroom and new educational pool.


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Project Description



A much needed outdoor classroom space and a larger, deeper pool at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab would significantly improve both the Discovery Hall’s Programs (DHP), as well as, University Programs’ (UP) ability to provide modern, experiential skill training for students of all ages.


The importance of the new classroom is to provide a setting for educators to lead students in a pleasant outdoor atmosphere.  As such, the classroom would put students one step closer to nature and the great outdoors.  The new classroom would also provide much-needed storage for classroom materials that are frequently transported to and from the pool.  This time savings will result in more time for teaching and conducting hands-on activities.




A new pool will benefit both DHP and the UP.   DHP uses the pool during the entire academic year in the Marine Technology program in which students learn about remotely-operated vehicles, or ROVs.   Students learn about technology that scientists use to study the ocean, especially the deep sea. Student teams build their own remotely operated vehicle then test their design and driving skills by deploying the ROVs in the Sea Lab swimming pool.

 The pool will be utilized by students to “fly” their completed designs in an annual regional science competition.  A larger, deeper pool would provide more room for students thus relieving congestion.


A larger, deeper pool will allow UP to upgrade its advanced scientific diving, training and certification for undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty from our 23-member colleges and universities.  diving performed solely as a necessary part of a scientific, research, or educational activity by employees whose sole purpose for diving is to perform scientific research tasks. Scientific diving is much more technical than recreational diving and requires training that can take up to a year,  Each year DISL gets new graduate students who will be required to take scientific diving to complete their course of study.  The current pool is not deep enough to adequately accommodate scientific diving.  The UP vessel training course will also utilize the pool to teach critical water rescue techniques for small boat users. The boating course is a nationally recognized course in which students obtain an advanced boaters license that certifies them to operate vessels anywhere in the country.  In addition to diving and vessel training, the UP scientists will use the pool to test and calibrate equipment such as underwater cameras, underwater acoustic equipment, and remote operated vehicles.


And, last but not least, a new pool would benefit the entire student population on campus throughout the year with a cleaner, larger, more up-to-date area for recreation during their downtime between classes.   The weather is generally pleasant nine months of the year at Dauphin Island giving graduate and undergraduate students extensive time to utilize the the pool for both exercise and leisure.




DHP Remote Operated Vehicle Class
DHP Remote Operated Vehicle Class
DISL Students Scientific  Scuba Diving
DISL Students Scientific Scuba Diving

New Pool and Classroom Imagined

The Classroom Plans

Architectural Renderings of the New Classroom
Architectural Renderings of the New Classroom

Campus Master Plan

Site Plan Location of the new Complex
Site Plan Location of the new Complex